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How to Address Injuries in Your Facility
Most employers ensure that they have put a premium as far as workplace safety is concerned. Indeed, this may actually describe you. You even are always going the extra mile of distributing safety manuals to your employees so that they remain safe in their workplace. Unfortunately, accidents are always happening. Some of these accidents are emanating from mistakes while others are pure accidents. There were many accidents in the year 2017. It is common that you will find yourself managing your employee’s workplace injury. It is essential to read this article to the end so as to know what to do.
First, you will need to have a plan. It is not wise to wait until an accident happens so as to have a protocol. It is very essential to have plans in place even before an accident happens. Having this will ensure that people know what to do and the roles they have to play in case of an injury. This is a sure way of telling them what is expected from them.
Indeed, several things need to be on hand. A first aid kit, emergency service numbers, and local medical facilities phone numbers are things that must be on hand.
It is more sensible to ensure that you have several people who are trained on first aid. More staff will take the first aid training if it is offered on site. If for some reason they cannot strain in your premise, it is useful to pay for their training to be taken from another place. It is very crucial for the injury to be well recorded with photo backups.
The other thing is to render aid. It is essential to ensure that all the aid that seems reasonable is rendered. For instance, cut bandaging can be done. If there is a possibility that the employee has a head, neck or back injury, do not allow them to move. There is a need to take the employee to the doctor without wasting time if they have sustained a dangerous injury. A viable option would be calling an ambulance but learn more here.
After this, there is a need to have your insurance company informed. Your insurance company will need to be called and informed of the injury once the employee has gone for treatment. The incident needs to be reported to the insurance company without any further delay.
Your lawyer will also require to be informed. The details of the happening need to be relayed to the lower through a phone call.
The problem now needs to be fixed. Be thorough to address anything that may have caused the injury.